Pond Predators: how to beat these pests!


Pond Predator

Pond predators are wildlife animals that hunt the fish in your pond. One of the most obvious signs of a pond predator is missing fish, or even half-eaten fish. Another sign is fish that seem scared or that are hiding when its time to be fed.

The three main pond predators are raccoons, blue heron, and river otters who look at a pond and see one thing: a lovely fish dinner. But fret not! There are several things you can do to keep predators away from your pond.

Pond Predator Decoys

One thing that might work again pond predators is adding a statue of them or something out to get them. A fake blue heron statue can make a real blue heron think there’s already someone else there, or a fake alligator statue can deter predators because they’ll think something is after them!

Fish Caves

A good first line of defense against pond predators is a fish cave. Building a fish cave into your pond structure gives fish an underwater hideaway where predators can’t reach them — at the bottom of your pond.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors use things like water or sound to scare away predators looking for a fishy snack.

Fishing Line

Creating a criss cross pattern of fishing line on the surface of your pond will trip up blue heron when they land, giving fish time to hide. While this works against blue herons, it might cause problems or even be harmful to other birds who aren’t trying to eat your fish.


The ultimate pond predator deterrent can be man’s best friend! Many dogs don’t have the demeanor to chase away predators though, but those who do tend to be Labradors, Spaniels, Pointers, English Setters and the like.

Plant Cover

Aquatic plants like water lilies and other floating plants provide a surface area coverage for fish to hide under which helps them escape predators.


This scarecrow is different than the typical garden one, This one sprays a stream of water directly at a predator spooking them into leaving — much like a motion sensor!


Again much like a motion sensor, the radio turns on when a sensor detects sudden movement since predators don’t want to stick around at a sudden sound.

Pond Netting

Like fishing line, pond netting sits atop the surface of your pond to deter predators but it can take away from the natural beauty and aesthetic of your pond.

A combination of the steps above or even just one or two should help make sure predators aren’t staying around. But regardless of whichever steps you take, its important to move things around often and be aware of the signs of predators. For more information on any of these items, contact us.

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