What is an Exploratory Pond Cleaning?


Maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem is crucial to making sure your water feature stays looking and feeling its best for as long as possible, and an exploratory pond cleaning can help ensure the continued health of your pond.

What is an exploratory pond cleaning?

Simply put, an exploratory pond cleaning is a process that cleans and evaluates your pond for any problems you might have now or in the future. The steps of the process include draining the water, removing any debris, and determining the comprehensive health of your pond. We’ll note where any modifications could be helpful or if there’s anything that needs to be immediately corrected.

This process is a tool that provides helpful information to avoid underlying pond issues that might have a massive influence over your pond’s health before they have a chance to do any damage. We suggest an exploratory pond cleaning to any ponds that haven’t been cleaned in the past two years or any pond we haven’t worked with before to create a base foundation of information about the pond.

But why are exploratory pond cleanings important?


There’s a ton of organic material (like leaves and grass) that collects over time and builds up at the bottom of your pond. This creates an unhealthy aquatic environment by decreasing water quality and making your pond look less visually appealing. We’ve all seen ponds that look dirty or have murky water, and none of us are really all that interested in sticking around to look at it more. The human eye prefers to look at ponds with clear water where you can see fish or rocks below, and it has a more visually pleasant atmosphere.

Early Issue Detection

Leaks or invasive plant species are easy to identify and fix earlier on with an exploratory pond cleaning. When we drain all the water from the pond, it means we can find potential issues with your pond’s filtration system before they manifest.

Exploratory Cleaning for Water Quality

The next important thing to do after removing all the debris and addressing issues in the pond, is to evaluate and implement a way to maintain optimal water quality which is a critical factor of a healthy pond ecosystem.

Exploratory Pond Cleaning for Aesthetic Appeal

A well-maintained pond is not only healthier for its ecosystem but also more visually appealing. An exploratory drain and clean can significantly enhance the appearance of your pond, making it an attractive focal point on your property.

How often should you schedule an exploratory cleaning service?

We recommend this service to our clients once in the beginning and then a regular pond cleaning every year. We also will recommend a maintenance package that’s right for you and the needs of your pond, which depending on the size and condition of it could be semi-monthly or monthly.

What should you expect?

Our team of professionals will drain and clean your pond to ensure the safety of aquatic life. We will then remove debris (leaves, grass and algae) that build up at the bottom of your pond. After that we will assess your pond for issues that will need addressing.

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